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BA-PSYC Courses

Students majoring in psychology must take a minimum of 36 credits in psychology core courses. Normally 30 credits of upper-division courses are required. The maximum number of credits that can be taken in psychology is 45.

All upper-division psychology courses have the prerequisite of Introduction to Psychology. Students must have passed College Algebra or its equivalent before taking Introductory Statistics. Introductory Statistics must be taken before taking Experimental Psychology. Both Introductory Statistics and Experimental Psychology must be taken before taking Independent Research in Psychology in the senior year.

All courses are offered by UT Permian Basin.

Psychology Core Courses (13 credits)

Additional Required Psychology Courses (15 credits)

Once students have completed Introduction to Psychology they may take any of the courses in this section.

Elective Psychology Courses (9 credits)

Besides the required courses, psychology majors will need an additional nine credits of elective courses in psychology. Students should pay attention to the prerequisites for enrollment in some courses.

Electives (21 credits)

Use the Course Schedule to find course descriptions, instructor information, and when the courses are offered. See Academic Calendars for deadlines.