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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA-PSYC)

Image of woman sitting in front of a laptopThe Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA-PSYC), offered by the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, is designed to provide students with insights into the complex range and nuances of human behaviors, emotions and mental processes.

Psychology is a broad discipline and provides students the opportunity to prepare for wide variety of careers or graduate school. For example, a major in Psychology can provide a liberal arts education with a broadened understanding of psychological functioning as it applies to the study of the simplest organisms to the most complex of human behavior. The major in Psychology is also useful for students preparing for advanced study in business administration, education, law, medicine, neuroscience, and social work. In addition, the major in Psychology is recommended for students planning careers in organizational settings (in public or private domain) focusing on personnel, industrial training, urban planning, information systems, or pure and applied research; or careers in community settings focusing on the juvenile justice system, adult probation and parole, recreation, and educational or clinical services to children, adolescents, the aged and handicapped. Best Buy Logo ranks the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program #11 on its Best Buy list in the category of Best Affordable Online Psychology Bachelor Degree.


Degree Plan

The BA-PSYC degree requires the following:

  • Completion of at least 120 credits, composed of:
    • UTPB General Education Requirements (42 credits)
    • Psychology core courses (36 credits)
    • Minor (18 credits) Consult with your academic advisor for online minor possibilities.
    • Electives (24 credits)
  • At least 30 credits must be completed at UTPB
  • Obtain at least a C grade in all major courses
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or C in all courses applicable toward the BA degree
  • During the semester in which a student intends to graduate, a degree check and the appropriate forms must be submitted to the Academic Counselor.


Link to a listing of the courses required for the program. To see which courses are currently open for registration, link to the Course Schedule, select Psychology (BA) from the UTOC Program menu and click the Search button. You may also use the Course Inventory to view a complete list of all courses currently being offered in the program, as well as the semesters in which they have been offered.

Participating Institution and Advisors

UT Permian Basin

Amanda Perez

Academic Advisor I

(432) 552-2668

Suzanne Rathbun

Lecturer and Center Coordinator

(432) 552-2352

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Campus Program Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Psychology?
    Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes. A social science requires collection and analysis of observable phenomena. Behavior is anything an organism does that we can observe and record. Examples might include smiling, talking, yelling, parenting, teaching and marking questionnaires. Although mental processes may not seem measurable because they are internal and subjective, psychologists carefully design experiments to obtain reports on cognitive processes, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.
  • Why study Psychology?
    Through the study of psychology, students gain knowledge about their own behavior and the behavior of others. There is no limit to what a psychologist can study so students will experience a wide variety of courses that deal with human and animal research. Psychology is an extremely broad discipline, and provides students with the opportunity to prepare for a wide choice of careers or for graduate/professional schools.
  • What can I do with a Psychology degree?
    Students who complete the psychology major often desire to enter professional careers in psychology which require advanced study beyond the bachelor's level, such as clinical, counseling, industrial/organizational, social, cognitive, developmental, and school psychology as well as research and college teaching.
  • What are the objectives of this program?
    While completing their degree at UTPB, psychology majors are expected to gain knowledge about theoretical perspectives and empirical findings across a wide range of topics. Students will achieve the following:
    • Apply research methods.
    • Develop critical and creative thinking skills.
    • Apply psychological principles to a wide range of activities.
    • Follow ethical principles that underlie psychological approaches.
    • Demonstrate competence with information technology.
    • Communicate effectively.
    • Describe the complexity of socio-cultural diversity.
    • Develop avenues for personal development.
    • Describe psychological principles in various occupations.
  • How much will it cost?
    Students are billed by UTPB for courses. Links to estimated tuition and fees, and campus tuition and fee information can be found on the Cost and Financial Aid page. Textbooks, supplemental readings and required software are additional costs.
  • How can I find more information?
    For additional information about the program, you may refer to the advisor above.

Getting Started

To participate in the program, students must apply to and be accepted by UTPB. Complete an application for admission to UTPB by mail or online using the ApplyTexas website, and request official college transcripts be sent and evaluated by the admissions office.

When students begin the BA program, they will be assigned a departmental advisor. The advisor will assist in finalizing the appropriate degree plan for additional academic and nonacademic coursework.