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The GenEd program offers a menu of courses that meet the Texas Legislature's requirements for undergraduate study in Texas, focusing on freshman and sophomore level coursework. Whether you are new to the college experience, a transfer student, or a returning student completing a degree, the portability of GenEd courses can provide you with the flexibility you need in your life to continue your education.

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Who are GenEd students?

  • Transfer students with a need to meet Texas requirements
  • Students who need to balance work schedule with study
  • Students unable to add a necessary course in an on-campus program
  • Students who are either unable or chooses not to be in a traditional classroom
  • Newly graduated high school students who want to get a jump-start on a college program
  • International students taking required courses prior to arrival


Link to a listing of the GenEd courses. To find out when the courses will be offered, link to the Course Schedule, select GenEd from the UTOC Program menu and click the Search button. You may also use the Course Inventory to view a complete list of all courses currently being offered in the program, as well as the semesters in which they have been offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do these courses transfer from one university to another?
    Most of the courses in the GenEd program have been chosen because they meet general education core curriculum requirements in most degree plans at Texas colleges and universities. Courses may transfer as electives, but not fulfill specific degree requirements (math is a good example). Because there are differences between colleges and departments within colleges, it is very important that students discuss their choices with their home campus advisors prior to registering for any courses.
  • How much does it cost to take a course?
    Students are billed by the campus hosting the course. Links to estimated tuition and fees and campus tuition and fee information can be found on the Cost and Financial Aid page.
  • Do the political science/government courses fulfill the legislatively mandated requirements?
    Yes. Texas legislation requires that students complete six semester credit hours in political science (Texas and national). It is highly recommended that students take both courses from the same institution to ensure that all required areas are covered. The GenEd courses together meet the requirement.
  • Will I have to visit any of the participating campuses?
    No, students are not required to attend the campuses at any time. The GenEd program will be offered predominantly using the Internet, but may include supplemental materials such as video/audio tapes and CD-ROM.

Getting Started

To take a GenEd course via the UT Online Consortium, you must first apply and be admitted to a UT campus. Procedures, deadlines and admission criteria vary depending on the campus. Refer to the Enrollment Services section for more information.

If you are new to the UT System, it is recommended that you choose the campus offering the first GenEd course you want to take as your home campus. Undergraduates can apply to one of the UT System academic campuses online using the ApplyTexas website.